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Upload your photos: some improvements

Does “Downloading” your HDR photos one by one take too much time? You may have noticed, that today Nodalview facilitates your downloads. Let us tell you all about these new features … 1 / The selection download. Now, all your photos will be automatically selected to allow you a “global” download. For fans of custom selection, […]

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Great success for Nodalview at Inman Connect 2018

Nodalview’s presentation was very successful at Inman Connect 2018 in New York.  What attracts US real estate agents and, what differentiates Nodalview from the big players in the market? Probably, the ease of using a smartphone-based solution, the photographic quality of the HDR renderings and the fact that it proposes a complete solution combining virtual visits, real […]

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How to record a video of your tour

Making a short (teasing) presentation video of an existing tour, highlighting the strong points of a property, then widespreading on internet and social netwoks, can be a good way to attract qualified prospects. One method is to record a live guided tour with a HD screen recorder, then post it to youtube. What you will need […]

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