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Creating a guided tour your clients can follow from a distance with Nodalview!

Do you wish to gain a considerable amount of time by organizing remote visits? You won’t lose another moment and neither will your client! It’s intuitive and adds a lot of visibility to you agency.

It’s up to you, the agent, to decide which scenario best suits the visit you wish to create. This depends on the strong points of the property, according to your clients wishes. During the process, your screen is perfectly mirrored on your participants’ screen. All in all, you can conduct the visit from any location you choose, and your clients can follow along on their own screen wherever they are.

You aren’t restricted to a limited number of participants either: you can even organize a “virtual open house” event! All this in HDR high definition: both you and your clients can enjoy precisely the same display quality to which you have grown accustomed.

With Nodalview, all of this is now possible! Here’s how:

1/ Starting-up and sending out invitations

First of all, go to the webpage displaying your tours.

To start a guided tour, click on the globe symbol: 

A new tab will open on your screen showing this interface:

In order to invite your client to join the guided tour, you simply fill in his email and click the arrow symbol next to it to send out the invitation.

Another possibility is to copy the session’s link, which you can then send directly to any person you wish.

Your guest will receive the invitation by email and has to click on the central “Go Live” button to enter the virtual tour.

You, as the host, will get a notification once a client connects to the visit.

Would you like to organise on “open house” tour, just send out as many invites as you’d like. You can send multiple invites per visit!

Optional: Establish an audio connection

Turn the audio button ON: the sound of the microphone and speakers are now relayed to the internet via your browser. The participant(s) and you can now hear each other and communicate freely.

In order for this to work, all participants are required to have a microphone at their disposal on their computer: when the audio connection is being made for the first time, a message asking for permission to use the microphone will pop up.

The quality of the sound, and therefore overall communication, will depend on a few factors: the quality of your internet connection, the quality of your microphone (try to use and external USB microphone to get better results), the number of participants,… If there is any trouble, remember that you can always use your phone to continue communicating with a client!

2/ The visit

As mentioned above, it’s up to you to decide which scenario best fits the guided tour. However, every client has a voice and can intervene by taking control of the visit. He or she will then be able to change the angle of view, zoom in or out, or even move to another room (this can be done with the mouse, or by pressing the arrows on the keyboard). The participant is able to control the visit, up until the moment you decide to take the lead again.

If a certain visit did not incite the reaction you expected, you can easily navigate through your tours on the left hand side of your screen to transport your clients to another property they might enjoy!

3/ The end of the visit

Once the visit comes to an end, simply click “End Session” and a screen will pop up with information about the visit, such as the number of participants for example.

If you would click on the session link again after ending it, an error message will appear reading “Sessions Ended”.

Do you have any questions or have you encountered an issue? Feel free to contact us!