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Drone Panorama with Phantom 4 : How to Shoot and import in Nodalview

Want to add drone aerial panoramas in your tour ? Here is an example with a DJI Phantom 4 :

DJI Phantom 4 – Panorama

Here is how you do it :

1/ Shoot

Get the “Litchi for DJI Drones” App on  or .

The Litchi App automates the shooting of panoramas :  The Phantom will hover in the air at the selected location, complete the upper row by rotating 8 times, lower the gimbal of the camera, start the second row and third row, then finish with two shots at the bottom (nadir). The Litchi app costs 25 € (Jan 2017).

Connect your Phantom 4, and launch the Litchi App.

If Dji Go 4 app launches instead of Litchi, you can alter this default behaviour in “Settings/Applications/Application Manager”. Find DJI GO 4 app, Tap on “Set as default” and tap on “CLEAR DEFAULTS”. Reconnect your Phantom and now you will be able to choose between DJI GO 4 and LITCHI.

Select the Pano mode by tapping on the upper left corner of the screen, then  tap the Pano icon.


Once in Pano Mode, tap on the Pano settings :

Now you have to specify the number of rows and pictures to be taken sequentially.

Inevitably, due to the position of the camera on a drone, you get a black hole at the zenith. You can minimize it by specifying a 10 degrees upward angle for the upper row of your panorama. No more, otherwise you get the propellers in sight.

Select 3 rows of 8 images, with a top row angle of 10 degrees, and 2 additional shots at the nadir, and off course a 360 degrees width.

Now you are ready to shoot :  position your drone in the air.

Altitude is up to you, depending on the subject, the environment you want to show and the legislation, but if you have an obstacle (tall tree or building or top of mountain) in one direction, raise the drone until you can have clear sky in every directions.

While hovering in the correct position, Tap on “START” and the Phantom will shoot 26 pictures in sequence (Yes, you checked beforehand that you have enough battery for this 4 minutes shooting).

2/ Upload and stitch the individual pictures on Nodalview platform





Once the shooting is finished, ground the Phantom, login on the Nodalview platform, enter an existing tour and import the 26 pictures saved on the Phantom memory card in the “Assembler Studio”.



Choose the scenario “DJI Phantom 4 with Litchi app. Only one shot per bracket.

Submit the name of your panorama and tap on “Select photos” to select the 26 pictures composing your panoramas.

That’s it : after a couple of minutes of uploading and rendering, your drone panorama is ready to be viewed and integrated in your tour : like any other panorama, you can link it to others, retouch it, …