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How can I create more visibility for my Virtual Tours?

By referencing your business free of charge on Google Services like google Maps, so that not only your business will be visible and searchable on google maps, but also the indoor virtual visit you wish to share and publish, your way, similar to the service offered by google through Google Trusted photographers.

Proceed as follows :

  • If this is not yet the case, apply for a free referencement of your company on Google My Business (
  • Search the name of your company or business in Google Maps, and then click on “I am the owner”.
  • Indicate the name of your website, where you will have previously integrated the panoramas.

Still having problems integrating your Nodalview content ? Contact-us and a Nodalview team member will help you !

Changes you make to the Google referencement are not visible immediately and must be authentified. You will receive within two weeks at the official address of your company a letter with a confirmation code to validate the modification and make it visible on Google.

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