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What is bracketing?

While HDR capability of your smartphone allready does it’s best to improve exposure (correct luminosity) of your shots, with “bracketing”, you get access to powerful features used by pro’s, like Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB). AEB will allow you to take panoramas with correct exposure, even in difficult situations like backlight shots. This is a common problem in 360° photography, because you have to shoot in every direction, and there is often a shot in the direction of a direct light source (sun, spots, …). Some backlight scenes are simply impossible to shoot without bracketing.

When AEB is selected, your smartphone takes three or five shots in burst mode (instead of one), with a different exposure for each frame. The brackets are immediately uploaded, and the best pixels of the shots are blended in seconds on Nodalview servers. The only disadvantage of bracketing is a longer upload time.

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