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How do you compare with 360 cameras on the market ?

Let’s compare some important features, against two cameras currently on the market and listed by the Google Street View program : Ricoh Theta S and NcTech Iris 360

Ricoh Theta NcThech Iris 360 Nodalview
Image Quality & resolution 6K HDR 8K HDR 8K HDR
Nodal point/Parallax offset (distance between 2 shots) ~ 1cm ~ 8 cm 0cm
Google Business view
Virtual tour builder
Processing time about 30 secs + upload about 2 minutes + upload about 1 min 30 secs, upload included
Tour Web hosting
Directly Embedable
Shooting mode Photographer must hide/leave the room Turn around option Turn around
Price 399€ VAT incl. 2.160€ VAT incl. 158€ VAT excl.

Note also that Ricoh Theta, Iris 360 (and other spherical cameras generating jpeg photospheres), can easily be managed on Nodalview with our ‘preassembled import module’. Once the output images from your 360 camera are on your computer or smartphone, login to, choose “Upload manager” in the menu, and select one or more spherical jpeg panoramas you want to upload, in a new or existing tour. Then you are ready to assemble them into virtual visit, share them, or view them in your favourite VR headset !