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HD Video, Nodalview’s new module

Transforming your panoramas, your photos or both into a video is now possible thanks to the new module set up by Nodalview in collaboration with MyMovieUp.

After creating the 360° virtual walkthrough and the HDR photography, Nodalview now helps you
market your property in a video format! Watch this example first …

Want to try? Here’s how to proceed.

First of all, make sure that the module is activated on your user account. For this, you will need to contact us as this is an optional product offering!

Once the module activated on your profile, you will have access to this novelty.

1 / Open Google Chrome and go to your customer panel, then on your “my tours” page

2 / Choose and enter the tour you want to edit on video
If you want to start from your panoramas, click on your “panoramas” tab. If you want to start
from your photos, click on the “photos” tab. You can also create a video by combining both. No
worries, you can generate it from one or the other tab.

3 / On the left side of your screen, in the white frame, a new box “Generate video” has
appeared. Click on it.

4 / A frame opens, and all your panoramas and / or photos are imported. It’s up to you to select
the elements that will appear in your teaser video. Keep in mind that a teaser is a kind of “trailer” of your property. Keep it short and select only the best panoramas / photos.

5 / Then select the starting point AND end for each of your images by maintaining your mouse
clicked which will allow you to modify the angle of view. You can also zoom in and change the
place of your future animation in the video.

Pay attention to the direction of rotation, always make the same turn movement, we recommend
that you carry out an alternating scan from left to right.

After deciding your start and end point, you can play with the duration of the animation, have a
preview of the rendering, validate or modify the animation :

6 / Once validated, you still have the opportunity to customize your teaser

7 / Validate, then the final rendering will be presented to you. Now you decide whether the result
is right for you. If so, download the video. If not, change it as much as you want.

The video downloads in full HD in .mp4 format on your computer. It can then be shared on your
site, software and your social media networks …

Interested? Contact us!