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How to blur a face or object using Photoshop

In a 360 tour, it can happen that faces or unwanted objects appear in your panorama, that you want to get rid of because of privacy reasons.

As stated in the “General Terms & conditions”, it is the responsibility of the client to protect the privacy and rights of the published content : “The Client declares that he has obtained from third parties, owners or users of the real estate that he photographs, all the rights and authorisations necessary for him to publish the images of the aforementioned real estate or any other data, including personal data. The Client undertakes to conceal or blur those parts of the images containing personal data or confidential data (faces, vehicle identification plates, photographs, pieces of art, personal effects, etc.)

This can easily be performed by editing your panorama in Adobe Photoshop Elements (for example).

Download the panorama on your pc/mac and open it with Adobe Photoshop : for a detailed procedure, have a look here.

Use the “Lasso tool”  and select the area you’d like to blur. You can do this by holding down the lasso tool with the left mouse button and dragging a circle around the face. You can see a dotted line on the area selected with the lasso.

If you don’t see the “Lasso tool”, make sure you are in Expert mode, not quick or guided mode.

Then apply the Gaussian Blur on the selection (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur)

and select the radius in pixels.

Tap OK to apply the changes.

Repeat this process for other faces/objects you want to blur, then save the panorama, return to Nodalview and “upload and replace” the panorama. See here for more information.