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How to distinguish Nodalview lenses?

If you chose to do HDR as well as 360 ° you have probably received 2 lenses. Do you have trouble differentiating them? To use them? This article has been written for you!

Before giving you the secrets of their own use, know that they are identical in one point: when you receive your lenses, they are both attached to a clip.

What is it for ?

Know that this clip is essential to make your shots, it becomes the fixation system for your lens to your smartphone (be careful to center your lens, an operation that can be tedious), if you do not have adapted Nodalview’s case.

For you who own a case Nodalview, unscrew the lens of its clip and screw it on the case adapted to your model of smartphone thanks to the step of screw. She will perfectly match the phone lens.

Being in possession of a case facilitates and optimizes the result of your shots, so do not hesitate to get one!

For which smartphone models do we offer hulls? Click here.

The installation of lenses

1 / Install the lens on your smartphone using the clip or screw it in the screw of the case provided for this purpose.

2 / Insert your smartphone into the jaw of the support, also called nodal arm or rotating part.

3 / Prepare your shot by naming your tour

Be careful though, the name you give it will be public! When you share it on Facebook, for example, the name you give it will appear.

That’s why we advise you to avoid choosing the address of the property or the name of the owners to protect their privacy.

1 / The photo lens

How to use it ?

Switch your smartphone to landscape.

A step that is certainly not mandatory but shoot your HDR photos in this position drastically affects the rendering of your shots!

To do this, slightly unscrew the bolt on the back of the jaw and tilt your smartphone.

2 / The 360 ​​lens

The lens for your 360 ° or panorama is black and curved :

How to use it ?

Make sure to align the lens (and the lens) in the axis of the nodal arm!

A last little tip …

Be sure to clean your lenses before its use and the lens of your smartphone with your microfiber received with your optics.

This fast handling will help you avoid a slight unsightly fog on your shots.

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