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How to use your Rot@tor, the Nodalview motor?

You are now the lucky owner of a Nodalview motor and you want to use it immediately? Follow these few steps to learn how to handle it.


Be sure to fully charge the Rot@tor before first use with the supplied USB cable


1/ Lock the rotating plate with your fingers and screw the NodalArm clockwise on the Rot@tor and turn it ON with the ON/OFF switch. Once ON, the LED lights should start flashing.

2/ Unfold the three support legs and screw the Rot@tor clockwise on the tripod.

3/ Attach your Nodalview 360° lens and cover to your smartphone

4/ Attach your smartphone to the Nodal Arm and refold the support legs

5/ Your Rot@tor works in Bluetooth, do not forget to activate it on your smartphone

6/ Launch the Nodalview app and switch Shooting Mode to “With Nodalview motor” in the app settings.

Settings > Camera > capture mode > with Rot@tor



It’s unnecessary to pair the motor with your smartphone, Nodalview is responsible for establishing communication


7/ Start a new panorama : Nodalview will automatically connect to the Rot@tor. Once connected you will see the “Connected” status on the screen. Tap “Start” to begin the capture.



7/ After 8 rotations your phone will beep, announcing the end of the capture.

8/ To prevent battery drain, switch OFF your Rot@tor after completing your tour.


see the guide in video


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!