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Is my 360 camera good enough ?

Now that dozens of affordable 360 cameras have hit the market, allowing you to take a 360 panoramas in only one snapshot, what about the viewing experience with panoramas taken with these cameras ?

To view on your smartphone : no problem with image resolution, as long as you don’t want to zoom in too much in the details, and that an HDR mode allows you to correct the exposure problems common in 360 panoramas.

To view on your PC, Tablet or VR Headset is another story. Resolution really matters ! Here is why :

At any given moment, a viewer can only see 90 degrees, about one-quarter of an immersive panorama : the slice of the image directly in front of them. Now that FULL HD and even 4K is common and widespread for internet viewing, you want that same quality for what you see on your screen. 360 degrees is four times 90 degrees, so if FULL HD (1920 x 1080, or 2K) is ideal in one direction, you will need 4 times FULL HD to get the same quality in any direction.

The resolution of the camera directly impacts the viewer’s experience. If the panorama is shot on a 2K 360 video camera (FULL HD), it’s not quite a quality you should be proud of !  2K resolution means that the image is 2,000 by 1,000 pixels. Since you can only see a 90-degree sliver of the image at any time, you’re only seeing an image 500 pixels wide. That’s only 20 pixels wider than a standard definition television. 4k 360 cameras will give you a better, but less than optimal quality. And if you want a FULL HD viewing experience in every direction, you will need a professional 360 8K camera. Don’t settle for less !

And guess what ? Nodalview delivers professional high resolution 8K HDR panoramas !