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Nodalview’s editing tool

You’re satisfied with your HDR pictures, but find they lack luminosity or contrast? Would you like to add text or possibly reframe the pictures? Nodalview offer the ideal editing tool to perfect your photos.


1/ Go to the tour on your customer space in which you want to edit a HDR photo:

2/ Go to the upper right corner of the picture and click the symbol resembling a horizontal “8”:

What can you expect?

This tool will allow you to:
  • Alter the luminosity and contrast of your photo
  • Adapt the level of saturation to liven up your photo
  • Accentuate the sharpness
  • Diminish or hide imperfections, blur unwanted objects
  • Straighten or reframe your photo
  • Add text (different fonts and colors available)

Each picture can be altered in your customer space, whether it has already been downloaded on your personal devices or not. Once altered, the new version will appear separately, meaning you don’t lose the original photo!

When you alter a photo that you already downloaded once, your account will not be charged a second time when downloading the altered version.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!