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Panorama resolution : better 8K than 4K !

Now that dozens of affordable 360 cameras can be found on the market, allowing you to shoot a panorama in only one click, what is the requirement in terms of resolution, to guarantee the best visual rendering ?

To display the panorama on the screen of your smartphone, resolution does not really matter, as long as you don’t want to zoom in the details, and that the HDR (High Dynamic Range) of your camera can cope with the backlights & exposure problems common in 360 indoor scenes,

To display the panorama in full screen resolution on your tablet, PC or VR headset is another story : image resolution really matters !

Indeed, in a 360 panorama, the user only sees roughly the quarter of the whole panorama, just in front of him. Now that full HD or 4K is becoming widespread, we want to get the same quality when viewing a panorama. If you agree that FULL HD is sufficient in one direction covering one quarter of your 360, you will need an 8K panorama, 4 times more pixels, to get this quality in every directions.

For example, don’t expect a wow effect if your camera is a 2K resolution 360 camera, : 2.000×1000 is 4 times 500 pixels width : this was the standard resolution of an 80’s television. With a 4K 360 camera, you will get better results, but  you still don’t get FULL HD in all direction. To get FULL HD in all directions, you need an 8K 360 panorama !

And, guess what? Nodalview delivers stunning 10K HDR panoramas.