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UPGRADE IMMO – How to make your properties stand out on real estate portals and obtain more clicks!

In this modern day and age, digital presence becomes a key factor for any agency’s succes as the web produces more than 80% of available leads (through portals, websites, social media, etc.). It is therefore important that the strategy of an agency should revolve around qualitative online visibility. 

By analyzing the majority of offers online, we can see that real estate portals are not only the primary lead sources, but they also become more and more popular.

So how do you make sure your property stands out in a list that is plagued with similar results when it comes to location, size and price?

David du Bois, co-founder of Upgrade Immo – a Brussels agency consisting of 6 employees – gives us his advice on how to remain visible in a very competitive market with the help of Nodalview.

“Today, a real estate agency’s image and professionalism is greatly influenced by its published adverts’ quality. Through these ads, the photos of properties we publish online are the most important aspect to consider, since it’s the first thing people will see!” David explains.

A true digital storefront, adverts are the first line of communication between agencies and potential clients. A study published in the American Wall Street Journal even stated that 95% of internet users spend 20 seconds of time on the first picture of an ad and that on average 60% of the total time allocated to any ad is spend solely on the photos. These numbers prove that producing high quality pictures represents an essential, and even necessary, investment.

“Since using Nodalview to take the photos of our properties in a professional way, we have noticed a 20 to 50% increase of traffic on our ads, that’s huge!”

Here is a concrete example of the increase in marks of interest:

“We went back to one of our properties that had already been on the market for 3 weeks, and for which we had only been contacted 7 times, to retake photos with Nodalview. We remade a complete photo report in 30 min thanks to Nodalview and replaced the old ad with it that same afternoon. In one week, we received 8 visit requests and sold the appartement on the 7th day!”

“For a year now, all big agencies have gone upmarket by using professional photographers and have understood that photography is essential if you want to differentiate yourself!”

The strength of Nodalview is its ability to measure the level of luminosity in real time. This allows it to adjust while shooting in order to recompose a perfectly exposed picture later on thanks to its Artificial Intelligence. This automatic recomposition helps you save hours of time spend on complicated edits and allows you to showcase every detail of each and every one of your properties.

Nodalview’s Wide Angle lens for smartphone has also been carefully developed in order to meet customer expectations:

The advantage is that is does not produce deceptive photos,” David continues, “Unlike some cameras that distort the photos excessively with their ultra wide angle lenses, or over-edited photographies, our clients tell us that our pictures portray reality and the spaces well – this detail is often appreciated!”

In the end, David agrees that Nodalview is a powerful tool when prospecting new mandates.

“When taking on a mandate, we put emphasis on the professional quality of our photos used in our adverts and that is a huge asset!”

Just like 98,7% of agencies working with Nodalview, David uses the quality of his photos to win over the owners when taking on new mandates. He also tells us that, ever since using Nodalview, he systematically receives compliments on his photos when publishing the ad!