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Upload your photos: some improvements

Does “Downloading” your HDR photos one by one take too much time? You may have noticed, that today Nodalview facilitates your downloads. Let us tell you all about these new features …

1 / The selection download.

Now, all your photos will be automatically selected to allow you a “global” download. For fans of custom selection, do not panic, check out the frame on the left of your screen. Just press the little green button and all of your photos will be unchecked. This simple manipulation will then allow you to select or deselect as you wish the photos in your file!

2 / The download

Downloading your photos has never been easier. However, wecan imagine 3 scenarios:

  • I want to download all my photos

If this is the case, you have nothing to do apart from clicking “download x photos” in the frame on the left of your screen, keep in mind that from now on, all your photos are selected by default.

  • I wish to download only a few

First step, click on the green button next to “download x photos” and all photos will be deselected. Then you just have to check the photos that interest you by clicking on the small square at the top left of each thumbnail and download them.

  • I want to download one in particular

Lets start from the beginning again with the same bases, click on the green button, unselect everything. Then direct your eyes to the miniature photos that make up your file. At the top right of each of them, there are 3 small icons. The second, the little cloud with a descending arrow, click on it will allow you to download a single photo.

IMPORTANT: Your photos are downloaded as a .zip file with all the photos. On chrome and safari this file is placed in your downloads folder. In Firefox you will be asked if you want to save or just open the folder. Choose “save”, specify the location and voila!

3 / Logo or no Logo?
This is something that has not changed but a little reminder never hurts. If you see your photos with a watermark “Nodalview” it simply means that your photos have not been downloaded yet. Once done, this watermark will disappear from your thumbnail into your environment and will not show up on the pictures that you have downloaded onto your computer.

But to gain visibility, your logo can be incorporated. To do this, simply check the “download with logo” box on the left of your screen. After choosing your logo, play with its opacity, its position and its size. Finished? Download.

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