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Viewing a tour in a VR Headset

How to view your tour in your favorite VR Headset ?

There is now a dozen of them on the market, wireless using your smartphone inserted in the headset, or , like the high-end Oculus Rift, with a cable attached to a high-end PC.

Good news : you don’t need a dedicated high-end pc connected to an Oculus rift or HTC Vive to obtain the best VR experience. Believe it or not, the Samsung Galaxy S7,S8,S9  has the higher resolution, due to the sharp QHD or QHD+ smartphone screen inside. So please just note that a Samsung S7, S8 or S9 will perform better than an iPhone, due to the better screen resolution : 2960×1440 for Samsung, instead of 1920×1080 pour iPhone 7+ or 2436×1125 for the iPhone X.

For this example, we used a ZEISS VR ONE Plus (with universal tray) connected to a Samsung Galaxy Edge 6+.

Launch the display of an existing tour in your smartphone by clicking on a link in your browser. This will bring the immersive display on your smartphone, and tap on the “VR View icon” . Make sure you hold your smartphone in Landscape (not portrait) mode and the display will show a double-sided VR view of the tour, with a “VR SETUP” button at the bottom, that you press to check your VR settings.

Check that its the correct VR Headset, otherwise tap on the VR Headset field, and change the value with the left and right icon at the edge of the display, then save.

Insert your smartphone carefully in your headset (without disrupting the screen by touching inadvertently the hardware buttons), and now you are ready for an immersive visit of your tour in VR.

Navigation is minimal and effective : To go from one room to the other, just hover with the central pointer over a transition hotspot (staying on a hotspot more than one second will trigger it), or, in the same manner, select the “>>” or “<<” icon at the bottom to navigate to the next/previous panorama.

That’s it. Enjoy !