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Want to view your Nodalview virtual tours in a VR headset : Try out the Oculus GO !

The Oculus Go is very easy to use because it connects directly to the internet via Wifi and has an integrated internet browser. Login to your Nodalview account and access the tour you want to see : click on “View tour” and then activate VR mode with the VR icon and your are ready to go !

To move from one room to another just look towards a navigation arrow with the central cursor for at least 3 seconds. You will be transported to the next room !

What’s new compared to existing VR headsets on the market ?

This device is an “all-in-one” VR experience : Oculus GO is 100% autonomous – there are no cables or powerful computer needed like on the previous Oculus or the HTC Vive. This device also doesn’t rely on a smartphone like the Samsung Gear or the Zeiss VR One. Thanks to an embedded android device you can directly accès your VR content – all you need to do is connect the headset to your Wifi! You even have a VR-ready internet browser

Oculus’ home screen

The standard controller acts as a mouse and allows you to point and click in the interface. You can also use it as a back button and to easily navigate back to the home screen.

The GO’s wireless controller

Oculus VR, the platform used by the GO is also currently the most developed platform with tons of application and video games. There are already more than 1000 apps available.

Oculus GO is available from 209€ for the 32Gb version