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Why should you clean the camera lens of your smartphone prior to shooting?

It’s a simple step that can have a huge impact on your resulting photos!

Thoroughly cleaning the lens of your smartphone camera before taking pictures is of crucial importance when using Nodalview. Because smartphones are devices we handle, touch and move all day long, they tend to develop a greasy film on the camera lens. This can alter the quality of your photos.

The film is almost invisible to the naked eye, but has a major impact on the sharpness of your image: it namely creates a sort of veil around light sources like lamps or direct sunlight. This phenomenon can generally be detected when taking pictures but becomes even more distinct once they are rendered.

We therefore strongly recommend you to clean your smartphone camera lens with a microfibre tissue before taking any shots and to check that the sharpness of the image!

If you own the Nodalview Pro Photo Lens, we also recommend you to thoroughly clean both sides before attaching it to the smartphone to ensure optimal results.

Photo taken with Nodalview – greasy lens

Photo taken with Nodalview – clean lens